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This includes documenting how CM is managed, roles and responsibilities, how configuration item (CI) changes are made, and communicating all aspects of CM to project stakeholders.

Without a documented configuration management plan it is likely that CIs may be missed, incomplete, or unnecessary work is done because of a lack or version and document control.

The CCB is responsible for the following: Engineers Each CI will be assigned to a focus group consisting of several engineers.

Each member of the focus group will provide input to the change request prior to submitting the change request to the lead engineer for review and presentation at the CCB Configuration Control is the process of systematically controlling and managing all steps of configuration throughout the project lifecycle.

Be sure to plan ahead for how you're going to manage configuration on your project.

In order to effectively manage the Nex Gen Project, a coordinated Configuration Management (CM) Plan is needed.

As a result, Smith Company’s ability to perform network maintenance and updates will be significantly improved.

Additionally, Smith Company will improve its ability to monitor all network diagnostics in real time and streamline workforce efficiency.

It will now ask you to choose a template | click solution gallery | Now choose to upload your “template.wsp” file you downloaded earlier | then Activate the Solution Navigate back to the root site | now choose the “Custom” tab | you should see your template | choose the template | then OK Wait for it Choose your Share Point Security Groups | OK That’s it enjoy your Root site with the brand new communication template, It’s quite beautiful!

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Plan your configuration management from the start to ensure success.The Lead Engineer and CM will then be responsible for illustrating these relationships and co-dependencies in the CMDB to ensure a full understanding of each CI and how they relate to one another.

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